Neighborhood Place
of Wailuku



Our Mission

“To prevent child abuse & neglect by building strong roots in the ‘ohana and in the community by promoting safe and nurturing environments for our children and families.”

.Description of Organization

NPW is a community-based non-profit organization, founded in April 2004 and incorporated in February 2005, with the mission of building strong roots in the ‘ohana and in the community by promoting safe and nurturing environments for all members of the families on Maui.  NPW currently provides a full range of services to families from keiki (infant) to kūpuna (grandparent). These include:

  • informal “talk-story” counseling, family conferencing, information, referral and linkages to other community resources,
  • parenting classes,
  • cultural programs,
  • educational classes,
  • support groups,
  • wellness programs
  • child development classes. 
  • youth leadership program - Ke Ala Kūpono

Through partnerships, collaborations, and volunteer recruitment, NPW has been able to maximize its resources in order to offer programs/services and execute community-wide events since its incorporation.

NPW utilizes a strengths-based approach to develop the intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social and physical well-being of families and youth participating in programs and services. NPW works collaboratively with new and existing services to provide the family strengthening activities, programs and services for families at risk for child abuse and neglect.

NPW continues to encourage collaborative efforts among service providers, state agencies, business and faith communities to work together to serve our families and communities.

.NPW Objectives: 

The primary objective of the agency is to engage family members and to provide them with the support and positive family strengthening, family development and empowerment programs and activities which will result in stronger, more cohesive, supportive family relationships.  It is also to provide a pu’uhonua (a safe and nurturing place) for families to come and get the help they need without being judged or abused by the system.  Our goal is to create a sense of place that will provide services but at the same time, honor and esteem our parents and caregivers as their children’s first teachers.

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